Ladies and Gentlemen -

We've been noticing an increase in an annoying trend. Perhaps this is accepted practice on some other sites, but please be considerate of our moderators, whose time is valuable to them and is contributed to this site on a volunteer basis.

What we're seeing is a proliferation of posts that begin with something like, "Not sure if this is the right place, so mods feel free to move."

To be blunt, that's just rude. Once you post a message in an incorrect area of this site, a moderator then has to notify you that you posted in the wrong place, move the post/thread, and very possibly clean out several posts advising you that you posted in the wrong part of the forum.

Each and every forum area here has a description following it on the index page. In addition, most of the forum areas have additional information about what does (and does not) belong there at the top of the screen when you go to that area of the forum. If, after all that, you STILL aren't sure where to post something, we would much prefer that you simply ASK where to post it rather than toss it anywhere and expect the moderators to clean up after you.

There is an area of the site for asking questions about how to use the forum. Please use that to ask about where to put posts you aren't sure about.

The moderators will appreciate your consideration.