I will. I go through cameras pretty often. This is the longest I've ever held on to any of them. I'll have had both of these for two years in July or August.

The 28-70 is a nice lens as well. I see them all the time online. There a forum called the Digital Wedding Forum and all the big time guys are on their and they're always selling gear. That's where I sell most of my stuff.

There's a few well used D3's on there from $2,600 to $3,500 and a D3S for $5,100. No 28-70's but there will be. You can post what you're looking for in the "Want To Buy" section as well.

The D3S is the same amount of pixels as the D3, just a slight upgrade and has video, I believe, but that's useless to me. The D3X is the 24 megapixel version, but the ISO performance is nowhere near the D3, it's similar to the 1DS Mark III.