We have recently noticed that ImageShack users inadvertly post some advertising links, that ImageShack enters in the code of the image. If you are using ImageShack as your free image server, please follow the steps described below, to post a picture here:

While typing your post, open a new browser window and go to your ImageShack account. Select the image you want to post here. There are six small buttons next to each image. Click on the first one A small window will open, with the image shown at the left (in a thumbnail format) and some code links at the right. Before selecting any of the links, please make sure you uncheck the checkbox saying "Include details", this box SHOULD NOT be checked. Right below that, there is a line saying "Forums". Click in it and press Ctrl-C to copy that link. Go back to the window where you were typing your post and press Ctrl-V to enter your picture.

If you do not uncheck the "Include details" checkbox, you will include ImageShack advertising links in your message. That will result in your message being edited and a warning being issued to you. So please make sure you uncheck that checkbox, before copying the link.

Please make sure that you do not enter any ImageShack advertising links in your post, they will be deleted and you will be warned.