Some of you probably know, and others may not know, that when Remington discontinued the ParaSA brand and stopped manufacturing Para's unique double stack and LDA pistols, they also sold off all the unused parts. The inventory was bought up by Numrich (a.k.a. Gun Parts Corp.) and Sarco.

I've just come from the Sarco web site, and the inventory has gone down quite a bit since I last visited. They no longer have any Para frames, and very few barrels. They do still have an assortment of slides in different lengths, different calibers, and some are complete with sights while others are not.

What stirred me into action is that I own a Para-Ordnance LDA pistol. This is Para's double action variant on the 1911, and it uses a number of internal parts that are unique to the LDA action. I don't shoot my LDA all that much, but since you never know when something might break, I decided to buy a replacement parts kit while they are still available. Sarco has kindly put together a package parts kit that includes just about every action part that's unique to the LDA pistols. They also have a less expensive kit that includes just the action springs that are unique to the LDA pistols.

I am not in any way affiliated with Sarco (or Numrich). I'm sure I am not the only member of who owns a Para LDA double action pistol, so I'm just passing this along for those who were Boy Scouts and who like to be prepared.