Long story, but I want to swap the front sights on two SA long slides - one sight is a fiber optic sight (probably after market ?), and the other is a standard 1911 front sight (probably the original sight that came with the gun ?) Both sights are dovetailed into the slide - the dovetails on the sights look to be the same size. The "standard" sight has what looks like a roll pin through the sight towards the front of the sight - I'm guessing that I'd need to disassemble the slide and remove the roll pin to remove the sight. I have a sight pusher. The sides of the fiber optic sight are where it dovetails into the frame are a bit higher than the top of the frame so I can probably push out the sight with my sight pusher. BUT the sides of the standard sight where it dovetails into the frame are flush with the frame - there's no surface for me to push with the sight pusher, aside from the middle part of the sight above the top of the frame - and I'm hesitant to push there because I don't know if the sight is metal or plastic and I don't wanna break the sight. After removing the roll pin, what's the best way to approach getting the standard sight out of the slide?