Hello! First post. Thank you for having such a great forum for information exchange. I am trying to do some research before I buy incorrect parts.

I am new to 1911s. I own a Kimber Ultra Carry II, and two Desert Eagle Undercover 3" pistols.

I've had some trouble with the following questions, not even Magnum Research or EGW can tell me. I was hoping maybe someone who has owned the DE Undercover can confirm for me.

1) What is the firing pin diameter for the 1911U? Is it proprietary? I do not have any instrument suitable to measure the firing pin hole or the part.

2) Will the EGW 3" guide rod kit fit the 3" undercover? it's located here: https://www.egwguns.com/guide-rod-ki...-agent-lda-etc

I'm looking at doing a few very basic upgrades, like a Bulletproof slide stop, and a spare firing pin with extra power spring.

I feel like there would be benefits to going with the flat wound single spring that EGW has rather than the double spring that is used in these guns.

Advice and any information is very welcome! Thank you!