Found one of these in a local Gun Shop last month at just under $600. Was very impressed with the 3.5" SS Bbl, steel alloy frame & very smooth extended thumb safety. Comparing it to my Colt Defender Lightweight, in 9mm, the Taurus comes in a bit higher.

The 9mm makes it a nice recoil even with 124gr FMJ. Tried the Sig Victory 124gr JHP and neither pistol could shoot 8 rds without a feed jam.
Both were 100% with the Hornady 115gr FTX rds. My 124gr reloads are 100% both pistols.

The Taurus RSP has 'horns' that fill in the area just below the bull barrel (photo). Colt RSP is rounded leaving that area open.RSP.jpg A nicer look on the Taurus.

My favorite carry pistol is my COLT OACP but as the years wear on that steel pistol with 7 rds of 45 ACP makes it a lil heavy to wear all day. The Defender was a welcome addition weight wise. The Taurus is actually just under 8 oz heavier than the Defender and at 15 to 20 feet I am 'darn' good - accuracy wise.