Hi all. Been a while since my last post. Had the day off from work and have been cruising my favorite forums. My join date was right before I bought my first 1911 (style) pistol. I went back and read all my old posts (donít have that many), I got a kick out of my naivete. I have grown a bit in the last 13 years, by no means an expert, but I have picked-up a few things. Picked-up a few more 1911 style pistols also. Still have that old RIA and enjoy shooting it. ****** thing still runs great, thanks in a large part to all the great info from you guys/gals.
As stated, I have been reading a lot of old posts, some dealing with the low numbers. Thatís unfortunate and I have no solutions. I did see many references to fb. That may be one of the problems, not sure. Where I work they suggested it might not be a good idea to be on fb, lots of Ďem are, but Iíve always been one to follow the rules (erÖsuggestions). So, I hope everything doesnít go there, Iíll miss it all.
Maybe you could run a contest to give away one million dollars each year to the highest quality (not most prolific) poster of that year! But then we all know who would probably get that year after year, so I guess that wonít work.
Wishing all of you the best in 2020!