Last Saturday I had an itch that needed scratching—I wanted but certainly didn’t need another pistol, rifle, or shotgun. So, I went to my local gunshop (with several hundred pistols and rifles) to just look, that was my plan. Well, I was about finished looking when a salesguy said, “we are taking $75 off used guns.” Oh nuts, just what I didn’t need to hear.
Long story short, I took home a very minimally used Sig Sauer UltraCompact in .45 caliber. It was made in May, 2018, and there was no wear on the aluminum anodized rails or anywhere else. The salesperson didn’t know why it was returned/traded. Before buying I took it apart to make sure that some BillyBob hadn’t worked his “magic” on it.
My concern was that it has a 3.3 inch barrel, a length which is notorious for having feeding and ejection problems. Years ago I had one of the early 3.5 inch barrel pistols made by a company which I won’t name—that was a complete piece of XXXX—and I was leery of buying another with such a short barrel.
I was very pleased when on Monday, after a detail cleaning and assessment, it functioned flawlessly with a couple of hundred rounds of Rem/UMC 230 FMJ, Remington 230 grain Golden Saber, and PMC Bronze 230 gr JHP. I limited my shooting distance to a maximum of 30 ft/10 yards, the probable maximum distance this pistol would be used if some situation required it. Even with fairly rapid firing I could easily put 8 rounds into a 9 inch paper plate. With controlled, slow fire I could put 8 rounds into a 3 inch group, the center of which was about 1 to 2 inches left of my POA. Not bad for 67 year old eyes, cataract surgery, etc., a short sight radius, and a weight of only 29 ounces. It was easy to control with strong hand and weak hand shooting.
I had the same shooting results on another trip to the range on Wednesday.
The companion pistol in the picture is one that I’ve had for 15 years and is my EDC. It was one of the early Wilson Combat Service Grade Protector anodized aluminum frame 4.1 inch barrel pistols that was then sent to Ned Christiansen (Michiguns, LTD) for some fine tuning. This one is 100% reliable (I can’t remember any misfeeds or problems).
If the new Sig is reliable in a couple of more range sessions, I might use it for some EDC. I have another Sig 1911 with 357 Sig and 40 cal barrels plus other Sigs over the years. They are an excellent, excellent company.20190401_162343.jpgAttachment 443320190401_162325.jpg