Worn out plunger spring, already? In June of 2018 I bought the Auto Ordnance 1911A1 BKOW brand new. To date it has only 225 rounds through it. On top of that, I practice dry firing regularly so there’s been likely 1000 or more dry fires with this pistol. Many of them were with me working the safety on / off.

I’ve noticed the safety had become extremely easy to move from one position to the other. Being concerned about a potential problem I put the pistol in my Bianchi 7L holster, with the hammer cocked, safety “on”, no round in the chamber, and no magazine in the pistol. I wore the holster on my belt, going about a range of normal daily activities for an hour or so. Twice I found the pistol’s safety had released during the course of this activity without me having touched the pistol. This almost never happens with the Bianchi 7L holster and my other 1911s.

I remembered having read in some prior post on this website a comment or two about how the lower priced 1911s tended to be assembled with inferior quality springs. I rummaged through my parts box and found a brand new plunger assembly, made by “Cylinder & Slide, Inc.” I removed the Auto Ordnance plunger assembly and set it next to the “Cylinder & Slide, Inc” assembly. The overall length of the Auto Ordnance assembly was about 1/8” shorter than the "Cylinder & Slide, Inc" new one, which appeared to be from the Auto Ordnance spring being compressed.

Next I installed the “Cylinder & Slide, Inc” plunger assembly into the Auto Ordnance, and reassembled the gun. What I suddenly had was not a “thumb safety”, but a “thumbs safety”, because it took both thumbs to work it in either direction. With a dab of grease where the safety plunger meets the safety things eased up so I could work the safety in either direction with one thumb only.

A few dummy rounds in a magazine and a couple tries working the slide to chamber and eject the dummies showed everything was OK on the slide stop end of the plunger assembly, with the slide closing normally from locked-open to chamber the first round, and then locking-open after the last round.

I’ll continue to work dry-fire practice with this pistol, and will clean the excess lubricant before taking it to the range.

With new plunger assemblly in holster.jpgWrapper for new plunger assembly.jpgNew plunger assembly in pistol.jpg