I'd like to hear your opinions about a purchase I'm considering for a duty 45 acp 1911, that being a Springfield Professional or Wilson X Tac elite. I've shot a friend's EDC X 9 and really like the X pattern. I'm also aware of Wilson's customer service reputation. However, the Springfield Professional is the FBI specified pistol and went through a brutal testing process. With that in mind, I'd like to know, hopefully from owners of either Wilson or Springfield:

1. Durability and reliability of the mentioned pistols.
2. Which company has a better turnaround time for repairs. As this would be a duty weapon, I don't want to be without it for months, if a parts breaks.
3. Fit and finish of these pistols.
4. The ability of these pistols to reliable handle a wide variety of duty ammo and magazines. I would be using Tripp Cobra, Wilson, and Chip McCormick magazines. Ammo would be either Federal HST 230 grain or Winchester + P loads.

Price is about the same and I really couldn't care less about serration on the top and rear of the slide.

Thanks again,