This forum looks pretty inactive, so my hopes are slim.

I have a unit 1 I've been running on a dedicated single stack frame for years, and I want to move it to a Para USA doublestack frame I have. The problem is Marvel is not currently selling Para mags. They told me they were unhappy with the reliability and pulled the inventory. They will re-examine this at some point in the future. I know Para as a brand is gone, but the new Remington doublestack is just a rebranded Para, so there should be demand eventually for these mags.

Anyway, someone on benos forums told me they thought the Advantage Arms Para mags would work with the Marvel kit. I called AA today, and they couldn't (wouldn't, obv) say wether or not they would. I asked if I bought a mag to try and it didn't work, could I return it - and they said no, I'd be stuck with it.

I'm hesitant to spend $50 for a shot in the dark, but it may be my only option, unless anyone here has any experience to the contrary.

Here's hoping.