Bought to replace my Colt Ace 22LR for warm up shooting before going to shoot one my Colt 1911's for a few hundred rounds of drills. When 22LR became impossible to find , I bought the Taurus 1911 in 9mm (I reload and cast my bullets and had tons of 9mm brass already). The 9mm 1911 became a better training pistol than the Ace due to recoil and transition to 45acp was better for training purposes than was from 22LR Colt Ace.

All I have done is replace recoil springs every 2500 rds and the pistol is now up to 12,850 rds fired flawlessly. I replaced Taurus mags with Mecgar mags, as they were easier to load up but the factory mags worked fine. I replaced grips , personal preference reasons.

Other than that, the pistol performs its mission for me , I have played with different bullet designs and seating depths and pistol shoots all w/o any issue. It came out of box with a 4 pound perfect trigger , no complaints there. Novac combat sights were standard on it , so there was no need to install better sights.

At 25 yds , it keeps rounds in 5 inch diameter ragged hole about the size of a grape fruit and satisfies my training objectives. I use the pistol to warm up and shake off rusty skill sets which creep up quickly at my age and then go to 45 acp 1911's for serious shooting / training.

For the $450 brand new / out the door price, its been a good hammer to pound nails with . I did not buy it for any reason other than working it hard and its performed fine. To date, not a single malfunction.

I am a Colt guy but this inexpensive 9mm 1911 runs like a Timex , it does the job fine . I used to build NM 1911 target pistols, and got a lot of experience with 1911's, I find no fault with my PT1911's quality or parts. I may have the only Taurus PT1911 in 9mm on the planet that has no issues ...if I read all the tales of woe and believe them on the internet.

Sometimes hard to say what is going on when you read a report written by a novice shooter. Certainly those who have issues with PT 1911 have something going on and without being there, difficult to nail down if its the pistol, mag, ammo, shooter .

My experience is good with this 9mm PT1911. I don't own RIA 1911's but the five that I have shot all were functionally reliable, had adequate 25 yd accuracy and decent trigger pulls. They shoot as good or better than any 1911 out of a military arms room in my career in Army but are there issues with RIA ? Don't know...only shot 5 different ones and only 100 rds or so through each. They sell for killer prices and seem fine for what they are but ...did I shoot the only 5 that work on the planet ?