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It's now $100 -- per year -- which is still a lot of money to some people for the privilege of sharing a few photos on the Internet. The original demand was $400. A reasonable person might conclude that they lowered the ransom from $400 to $100 because they didn't get many takers at the higher number.

You still haven't explained what about this I don't understand.
I gave the code to John who said it was 0100 on 2-19-18 his time in Greece.

I am not sure where Terra is, but it is probably not here on the East Coast of the U.S.A.?

I would welcome a new media server:
At this moment, I am working on creating our own media server, it shouldn't be long before I have it up and running.
John has my codes, and I will pay a reasonable price for his new photo-server.

Nonetheless, I do not consider $100 per year (I pay less) for the opportunity to share pictures of our hobbies on the internet as an unfair fee.

I also know of a few other 1911 sites (one owned by a moderator here) that are also on the internet.

I'm just a regular guy member: