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I will give that recipe a try and see how it does, but as you say it isn't much. Perhaps I will start with 5.3 to 5.5 and run them over my Shooting Chrony.
The reason I said 5.0 grains isn't much has to do with case volume. My usual load behind Berry's 230-grain bullets is 5.3 grains of Win 231, and that doesn't fill half the case. I could double charge and it wouldn't overflow. But it's within standard, recommended recipes, so I go with it. The 5.0 grains of Win 231 cycled my Commander without any hiccups, but you said you want to cycle the action, but "just barely." I was beyond "just barely," so you'd have to go even lighter than 5.0 grains to fulfill your criteria. And leaving too much case volume unfilled can lead to unpredictable -- and potentially dangerous -- results.

ps - 18 lbs. - standard for the Government, as well, is it not?
No. 16 pounds is standard for Government, 18 pounds for Commander, 22 pounds for Officers ACP ... all in .45 ACP.