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Thread: In Response to joininKS

This is an old thread. You can't post a reply in it. It is left here for historical reasons.Why don't you create a new thread instead?
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    29th July 2006
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    In Response to joininKS

    I'm starting this new thread to avoid be accused of hijacking. But, I would like to respond to a portion of joininKS comments and in so doing, set the record straight about many similar comments I have read here. Note that I don't wish to moan or complain. I'd just like to point out why, in my opinion, the activity here has taken a nosedive during the past few years. My focus is on the gunsmithing forum. I don't care what oil people use or who is making the latest disappointing 1911 clone.

    I can't remember how long I have been a member, but it has been at least 10 years. I have also, at times, been on the receiving end of my share of disparaging remarks. Other members would become frustrated with my lack of ability and understanding, and rightfully so. I'm not a fan of personal attacks, but there is such a thing as being "thin-skinned" and overly sensitive. In fairness, I have also made remarks that were less than perfectly diplomatic and deserving of a cautionary warning. So far so good, right?

    I support the authority of the forum's owner to make judgment calls on questionable posts, but that is not the end of it. The evaluation of all posts is a constant and on-going effort here, and summary judgement is rendered at the slightest whim of concern, not just upon the appearance of ugly or ungentlemanly behavior. Unfortunately there are people here whose full time job is to detect any slight deviation from princely dialog and issue traffic tickets for any minor infraction. Even placing a valid informative post in the wrong forum is considered unmanly and tickets are issued as a result. Again, these are not complaints. This is the reality of being a member here, and the result for better or for worse has been a remarkable exodus from the gunsmithing forum, to name just one section. My personal opinion, of course. Those who dared to make this same observation are routinely reviled and labeled as chronic complainers and snivellers; their remarks thus considered to be of no value.

    There are other reasons for the lack of participation. You can see by scanning the posting dates on this particular forum, that comments are few and far between. The same is true for questions and comments on the gunsmithing forum. A number of years before we saw long and active threads of great value and interest, with many followers. Many talented members contributed their lifetime experience, and quite a few of us followed along, making the usual mistakes of first-time builders. It was a learning experience for everyone. Now there is none of that. Now, everybody is an expert.

    Sure, there were detractors who tried to interfere, but you can find those people anywhere you go. It was obvious who spoke with authority and equally obvious who was clueless. Not so these days.

    Long time members love to point out that the problem is lurking. Many lurkers, and no posters: that logic is meant to explain everything and rebuke remarks to the contrary. In truth, there are good reasons why members with talent and knowledge don't post. In the past, there were some very talented and knowledgeable people sharing what they knew with students who were willing to study and learn the secrets of the 1911. But there are a few important differences between then and now.

    One very obvious problem is that new 1911 owners do not like to read. They are especially good at ignoring the outstanding volumes of information available in the gunsmithing stikies; so much so that the forum owner has included a special road sign imploring new posters to kindly read first, and include basic information along with their questions.

    I'll make a guess that this reading-averse group was brought up with the idea that anything can be accomplished immediately and at no charge, if one simply has the right information, preferably a u-toob video demonstration. New 1911 owners want answers now, but they are not prepared to do any research or make any effort to think for themselves. Harsh? I think not. This attitude of demanding instant and authoritative response does not inspire the "masters" who would otherwise welcome a serious and attentive grasshopper.

    On a related note, as mentioned above, a disappointing and ugly trend has appeared on this and other gun forums. Any person remotely familiar with 1911's considers himself expert enough to coach others in the finer points of building and repair. That's a huge difference from the past, and the past isn't that far back. I don't see many shooters at the range with a 1911; they all prefer Glocks and other plastic guns. But given the chance they will go on and on about the finer points of 1911's. Is it any wonder then, that new posters are mildly "put off" and discouraged when a dozen "experts" claim to know the answer to any question? What do we usally call someone who claims to know everything?

    These points - and probably others I have forgotten - account for the less than exciting participation rate in the gunsmithing forum specifically. Blind leading the blind I would say. It is not sufficient to be called a leader, a teacher, or an expert based merely upon the length of time one has been a member of this forum. Thankfully, there are a few long-time members that still remain, who go out of their way to welcome new 1911 owners, and do their best to answer questions. And, they do so in a polite and gentlemanly fashion. What a blessing it is, under the circumstances.

    "Do not fix that which is not broken."
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    I have to agree.
    I think the observation is accurate and fare.
    Beauty is skin deep but ugly goes right to the bone.

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    26th December 2015
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    I agree as well. Probably the main reason for my post count being low is - I can usually find the answer to my question by searching the tremendous wealth of existing knowledge here. There are few new questions, but many new "experts". My great thanks and appreciation to the old experts, esp those with the stamina to remain.
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    5th December 2015
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    Speaking for myself, this forums search function is my best friend. It has been the best "library card" I have ever had. My post count will always be low as anything that I may wish to add will probably be said before I post.
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    dV8r (9th June 2017), Mark75H (1st June 2017)

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