This is a product review of the new AR-15 muzzle brake from CruxOrd.
My AR is an older DPMS Panther Arms AP4 Carbine with the standard flash hider or “bird cage” as it is referred to and the 1/2X28 thread pitch. Removal required the use of some muscle as I did not have the proper AR bench vise block. A ¾” wrench was used to remove the old DPMS flash hider which actually came off easier than I had thought it would. If you do not have the vise block just use caution when removing the old flash hider/muzzle brake as not to hurt yourself or damage your AR. The new muzzle brake from CruxOrd, item number CA-001B fits thread size 1/2X28 for most 22 rimfire to .223/5.56 barrels and is also crowned for muzzle protection.
Installation was very straightforward, remove old flash hider and crush washer, clean barrel threads, reinstall new crush washer and install new CruxOrd muzzle brake. I like to wrap a small cloth around the part being installed, in this case the muzzle brake to keep from marring it up with the wrench. A 7/8” wrench was necessary for the new CruxOrd muzzle brake install. Make sure you install it with the flat surface pointing toward the ground, in other words you want the cuts facing left and right not up and down on this brake. After I got it to the range for a few shots I can final tune the brake if it is “kicking” to one side or the other. On this install I had no adjustments to be made as it was shooting very nicely the way I had it installed. At that point I will make a mark with a Sharpie on the brake and barrel so I can put it back to center after removal and a bit of blue Locktite installed on the threads for added peace of mind.
I did find that it did shoot better with the new muzzle brake as compared to the standard “bird cage” flash hider that it had. By shooting better I am referring to quicker and on target follow up shots and felt recoil.
All in all I can highly recommend this CruxOrd muzzle brake as it has proven to me to do what it is supposed to do and also very well manufactured as are all of their products. CruxOrd offers some very nice products, please check out their product line. Once again the web site address is