I'm looking to get a few more 8 round Wilson Combat Mags that have the stopper on the front to prevent over-insertion into a Sentinel ACP frame. The magazine may have had the part # of 47DSEN? I know I can get the 6 round flush fit ones. Also, one used to be able to get a steel base plate that converted a flush fit Officer's ACP Wilson Combat Magazine into a slightly extended Sentinel Magazine. The base plate ran up the front of the mag to keep it from over inserting into the Sentinel Frame. I'd prefer 8 rounders, but the plates for the 7s would be ok.

Any help out there? I called Wilson Combat and a staff member blew me off, basically saying "if you can't find it on the website, we don't have it or don't feel like looking for it." I should've got his name. His attitude was very poor.

I know this might be better posted in WTB, but I thought it would be best here where a Wilson Combat staff member could respond for the benefit of all .45 ACP Sentinel owners.