If you are shopping on Amazon you can help fund the Second Amendment Foundation without spending an extra dime. More long-term, you can set SAF as your charity in Amazon's Smile program.

Here is how:

How can you save money AND support SAF’s lawsuits (helmed by legal rockstars like Alan Gura) at the same time? It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Get to Amazon through saf.org/amazon. When you want to shop at Amazon, get there by going to saf.org/amazon – you'll be redirected to the regular Amazon homepage. Voila!

2. Buy stuff! Really. It’s that simple. Every item that you buy through saf.org/amazon (even if you just put items in your cart and buy them later) is credited to our fundraising program. Oh – it costs you NOTHING, by the way. Total win-win, right?

3. Watch SAF win (with your help!). Up to 10% of every purchase through saf.org/amazon is sent by Amazon to SAF about 45 days later. That’s some 2A cha-ching!

Still have questions? No problemo. Here’s more on this awesome program:

When you go to Amazon through saf.org/amazon, Amazon creates a special “session” cookie that associates your purchases with our affiliate account. It’s all transparent to the shopper; there’s literally no difference in your shopping experience.

No, we can't know who ordered what. Amazon does a great job making sure your privacy is protected. (Plus, you know, we don't wanna know…)

Once you get to Amazon through saf.org/amazon, all you will see in your browser's address bar will be a url containing a "tag" like this one: http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF...2&tag=s0cc7-20. There won't be any “confirmation page” or notice that you’re shopping through saf.org/amazon. Hey, you didn't want another pop-up to deal with anyway, right?

“This rocks!” you say? We think so, too, so don't be bashful – go share the good news with the world! Thanks very much for your continuing support of our work to advance your rights.


The Second Amendment Foundation team