I've been carrying my AO (Project Old School = http://forum.m1911.org/showthread.ph...project+school) with 230 grain Ball ammo, but have been thinking about switching to hollowpoints. When I first got this pistol I tried some hollowpoints (230 grain Fiocchi, IIRC) but had some failures to feed on the last round. At the time, with the big ammo shortage going on, I decided to out this project on hold because, frankly, I didn't want to spend the bucks on ammo to test, which, if it didn't work, I couldn't use.

Recently I picked up a couple of boxes of Remington 185 grain HTC's. This stuff is spec'd at 1000 fps muzzle velocity, which is a plus, as I've always adhered to the belief that you needed something close to 1000 fps to get reliable expansion. Also I figure that 185 grain ammo will have a similar bullet profile to 230 grain ball, so it will most likely feed reliably.

Well, I ran a bunch of 'em through Project Old School today, testing them in all of my carry magazines (Checkmate Hybrid mags with dimpled followers), and the results were 100% perfect! At about 10 yards I could keep them all in a 4" group just a little below point of aim. They felt just a little "zippier", if that's a scientific ballistic term, than 230 grain ball, so I'm believing the 1000 fps too.

I'm happy! Found some new carry ammo!