9000 plus rounds in 2011, well I have been in and out of the over the past year or two and we are now over 12,000 rounds. My Volkamann is my favorite 1911 and I cannot wait to get another. Funny thing is my wife says this one is so good why would you ever want or need another? I told her she is right, a Volkamnn is like a good women, when you get one hold on to her. Of course I'm deeply satisfied with both of them (the Volkmann and the Wife), and probably cannot afford to get another one of either, but if I was to get more than one of either it would be a Volkamann not a Bride.

Over 12,000 plus rounds and still infatuated.

2011 post:

I have been absent from the forum for a while and frankly not been doing much shooting lately. That said I have approximately 9200 rounds through my Volkmann and have had few issues other than an extractor problem within a week of when Luke 1st handed it over to me. After just 5 weeks of owning this gun I had already put 1000 rounds through it because I just couldn't put it down.

I started counting the rounds through when i 1st got it because of seeing round counts from forum members on their guns and thought it would be interesting to keep count and see how the gun was affected by use. I have to say the gun has loosened up a bit but every time I hand it to somebody to show off i inevitably get some feedback about it being a safe queen.

Last time I was at the range I noticed that the extractor was a bit loose and put it away. It was still working flawlessly but it will go to Luke when I can find the time.

I have sold off most of my guns over the past 2 years but will have my Volkmann for a lifetime. When I can, I will get a duplicate of this one in stainless.

Food for thought, I have spent almost as much on ammo through my Volkmann as it cost to purchase the gun.