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I gotta agree.
Do you see that picture of the Rock in the post right above yours? I shoot golf balls at 15 yards with it. It is 100% reliable with everything I feed it and is deadly accurate at any combat distance. I couldn't come close with any of the Glocks that I've shot and that would be about 7 or 8 different pistols. You can shoot something that's about ergonomically perfect in your hand or you can try to shoot with a brick.
That's a nice looking tactical you have there. That is the point, isn't it. The out of the box modern RIA is absolutely able to hit what its pointed at, is reliable, and loves ammo of all types. You can tune it if you want to, you can dress it up if you want to take it out to a match, but the truth is its already a great gun. And best of all, it racks, clicks, and moves in a way that says it has soul. Might it rust - I suppose if you left it unoiled and outside in the rain. Anything could happen. But if you go that route, what would you do with our Glock if say an asteroid struck it?

To compare a 1911 to a Glock is simply wrong minded and wrong headed. It's a shooter's weapon and demands that the shooter have an appreciation for what it can do as well as what it needs to run well. For the everyday person who is looking for a simple weapon that demands very little of their time or talent, a Glock is a supreme weapon. But with your Glock you won't grow hair on your chest nor will you walk with a swagger knowing with confidence that "one shot - one kill" is what you start with, not what you aspire to achieve. 1911 owners often own Glocks - it isn't crazy to do so. But few "Glock owners" own 1911's.

It's a mental thing made possible only because the 1911 has a soul, a history, and runs on machine oil and hand-fitted metal. Every part of this pistol can be customized by and for its owner. It can be dressed up and kept in a safe or left in G.I. mode and run over by a truck. But when you shoot it, everything from the way you hold it to the compression of the trigger screams out that what you have in your hand is not just a "gun" but a partner.