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I picked up my Daly FS used at a gun show six years ago for $400. It has a beautiful original blue finish I've not seen on later Armscor guns. I have six 1911's including two Kimbers and a WW1 Colt. The Daly is the best shooting and most accurate of the bunch. I've decided to pare down my collection so it came down to the Daly or a great Norinco I've had for a longer time. It was no contest really so I sold the Norinco.
The finish on the CD's is very different from the ARMSCOR pistols...they were very attractive, IMO, and are still holding their value. I still have not seen a used Charles Daly recently.

I have several times "improved" mine by installing a tighter bushing or a different accuracy barrel...I have ALWAYS gone back to the factory parts because accuracy FELL OFF with the "improvements".

ARMSCOR makes a top end pistol, and the old Daly 1911's are very representative of that quality...and I have not heard of anyone wearing one out yet either.

Good to still see new posts here!