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The M1911 Pistols Home Page or M1911.ORG for short, was started in 1994, as an amateur effort to provide Internet surfers with useful information about this magnificent firearm. The original site didn't even have its own domain name and it was hosted as a user page in my ISP's users server.

Later on, the nice people from offered me to host this site, and it was then that the domain M1911.ORG was created. Today's M1911.ORG has nothing to do with that first site, except the domain name. Even the site's name has been changed, from "The M1911 Pistols Home Page", to the current "The M1911 Pistols Organization", since we have more than the Home Page now, with this forum site.

Today, M1911.ORG is recognized as the premier Internet resource on the M1911 pistol. Every single 1911 manufacturer is listed there, with their production models and all. Almost every single part manufacturer is listed there. Holsters, grips, gunsmiths, everything that relates to the 1911 has a place in M1911.ORG. The site's reliability is exemplary, thanks to the efforts of the nice people at Since the day the site is hosted there, it has never been off-line, even for an hour.

As an offer to the shooting community, on June 2004, I opened the M1911.ORG Forum site, which is planned to serve as the main discussion area for the pistol. It already has more than 30000 members and not a single double-subscription. This Forum is the only Internet forum which runs with precise rules for its members and moderators, and above all it is the only Internet forum with a mission statement.

Finally, on September 2006, we also opened our E-zine, an electronic publication in which you can find all the latest news of the M1911 world. Our E-zine is doing new pistol tests and reports to you on all the new models appearing in the M1911 market. We also review other items of interest to the M1911 shooter, such as holsters, grips, etc. Our E-zine has been recognized by the Industry as an electronic publication so we also host Press Releases showing all new products these companies have to offer.

Needless to say, that all these require a huge effort on our behalf and enough expenses to kill the family budget. Countless hours are spend on the keyboard, upgrading the sites, as new info becomes available. My dial-up Internet subscription was killing my telephone bills, what with the hours I spend connected to the net, so a DSL connection is now used. I have to subscribe to various publications in order to keep myself updated in the 1911 world. On the other hand, my commitment to the shooting world, is that these sites will always remain free for the public.

If you find M1911.ORG interesting, if you enjoy browsing it, if you think that our Home Page, the Forum site and our E-zine are useful to you, if you want to help me keep these sites open and free, here is the way to show your appreciation for my efforts.

If you have a Crypto Wallet account, please make a donation. My Address is : 1CcVzAsQR1YgWKy3KCPzf97bR1cPWMmfBu

All you have to do, is log in to your Crypto account, and click "Send Money". Then enter my Crypto address and the sum you want to donate. Please do not forget to enter your user name in the comments area, so that I know which member donated.

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In every case, please remember to include your user name.

Needless to say, every contribution is sincerely appreciated, each and every contribution helps M1911.ORG remain the premier M1911-related site.

Thank you.

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