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Thread: Nighthawk vs Ed Brown

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    Your a cop and want one of the for an off-duty gun? Wow ya'll must pay good, that's not even comparable to what I got for my duty 1911. But back on topic, go with the NHC! Be safe out there bud.

    Don't over engineer it, don't ibm it, don't mit it and don't all go for a road scholar in malfunction clearance, just tap and rack-Clint Smith
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    15th December 2010
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank
    The T3 is, of course, a CCO type -- Commander size top end on an Officer size frame. I believe the Ed Brown Massad Ayoob is full size.
    No, I think the Ed Brown Massad Ayoob is Commander-size, too. Here's an excerpt from Walt Rauch's review on my site:

    "The MA1911 carries its 4.25″ barrel and matching slide on top of a full-size frame, a configuration also known as “Commander” size."

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    4th November 2005
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jed Henson
    ...I think the Ed Brown Massad Ayoob is Commander-size, too. ...
    You're correct. My mistake.

    adapt, improvise, overcome
    "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.", Carl Sagan
    "One should shoot as quickly as one can -- but no quicker.", Jeff Cooper

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    I am relatively newer to guns and shooting but not to customer service at whatever level you could imagine. At the level you are considering, the gun is not a commodity and besides is going to be a long-term "investment" in an item that could last a lifetime. That being said, the relationship with your supplier is a very real component of your total package.

    I just got a NHC Predator II. It hasn't been a perfect transaction but some of the shortfall was a communication problem. The main point is that NHC has been outstanding in addressing the issues; I couldn't ask for better. As someone else recommended, look for posts regarding issues with new guns and then at how the company responded. That's what sold me on NHC.

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    Some thoughts and a suggestion.........

    The suggestion is simply to call both places and have a conversation. See for yourself.

    I own an Ed Brown and love it. Have another on order. Have had very good experiences with them so I am biased on their behalf. But, like other people, I was scared off of Nighthawk by a couple of problem guns that I've seen first hand.

    What is also true is all the semi custom shops have made guns that didn't function optimally and some that plain didn't work.

    What is also likely true is that most problems with the guns are operator error.

    What is obviously true is that from what I read on 1911 sites, Ed Brown has worse customer service than Nighthawk.

    I don't know if that means they make worse guns or have more problem guns. But the comments on the Internet made me try their product last.

    In my own personal survey, I also believed that their guns were pretty but not quite as accurate as the LB's and Wilson's I owned. I now think otherwise from personal experience.

    I think a lot of Ed Brown's problems, at least in terms of complaints on the Internet, his commander size guns. Same with Les Baer.

    All of these shops change and to me, that is the operative word. Because my Ed Brown gun seems perfect or somebody's gun has problems says nothing about the gun they'll make for you. So, it isn't a bad idea to talk to them all and see who you hit it off with and if they can provide you with what you are looking for and answer your questions. If you feel like you can relate, then you'll likely have a good experience if you need something fixed. If the customer service rep. seems arrogant or just interested in selling you something, then you'll likely have problems communicating if you want something fixed.

    Hope it helps.

  6. I've had both Ed Browns and Nighthawks. For whatever reason I form some kind of odd attachment to my Nighthawks, not to my Ed Browns. Don't really know why. I never had any issue with my Ed Browns. I had ONE issue with a Nighthawk that I sent in for a set of ambis, they lost it, found it, did the work, then there was a issue with the price (miscommunication between myself and a NHC employee) I made ONE post about it, they called my dealer the next day and told the dealer "we have a unhappy customer. Do what it takes to make them happy". I offerred to pay the orignal price, they said don't worry about it. No muss, no fuss.
    I'm wearing my Nighthawk T3 as I type this, and my GRP recon will be on the nightstand when I go to bed.
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    I looked at comparable models of NHC, Brown, Volkmann and Wilson I believe each maker was top notch, so I looked at price . At the time Luke Volkmann had the best price . Since. Then , Luke has raised prices near 20%. nighthawk will probably be the lowest price. Brown in the middle , Wilson and Volkmann are pretty close. But still think Wilson is the most $$

    They are all really nice guns that run like buttah with great feel, triggers,reliability. Considering NHC gives you more Features for the money and have great customer service... If I was buying today, I'd go with them plus if you want diamondblack they can get it . Luke also offers it tho

    BTW , George at Gunslingers can give you pricing on all of them.

    That said I think you'd be happy with any of the above.

    Best regards


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    dunndw's post is one of the best I've ever seen.......

    I've been lucky enough to own several models from various high end semi custom shops and I believe that dunndw's post is spot on.

    It took me a lot of money to understand what bonding with a gun means and the subjective nature of preference when face it, in the realm of semi custom guns, its all good.

    At the moment, though I've bonded to my Ed Brown and have another on order and it likely won't be my last, my friend is building commander-sized 1911's for about 12 of us. He'll likely use barrels purchased from Nighthawk as he really likes some of their stuff and knows the guys over there. The guns will also have Ed Brown beaver tails and a handful of Ed Brown parts as well.

    Deciding between Nighthawk and Ed Brown is a good problem to have.

    Knowing that the difference is largely subjective would have saved me some money; but buying the wrong gun is still less expensive than picking the wrong wife. Words to live by.

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    8th February 2010
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    I have an Ed Brown Massad Ayoob Signature Edition. It is everything it is stated to be. It would make a fine duty weapon.
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