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Thread: Wilson Combat vs. Nighthawk Custom

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    15th February 2007
    Central Texas

    Nighthawk Custom vs. Wilson Combat

    I am looking at getting my first 1911 and I have decided to go with either a Nighthawk Custom or a Wilson Combat. I know from the research that I have done that these are both fine pistols, but of the two is on better overall and if so why?

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    20th September 2005
    Rockland County
    This post belongs in the "more than one of the above" area.
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    22nd August 2005
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    I don't think there is a definitive answer to that question. There are people on both sides of the fence that will tell you to buy the Wilson or buy the Nighthawk. Both companies turn out quality firearms. They wouldn't have the loyal followers that they do if they didn't. I own both Wilson and Nighthawk guns. Even though my CQB and Talon are basically the same, the Talon feels better in my hand and I can shoot it a bit more accurately than the CQB. But I don't plan on ever selling my CQB. It is still light years ahead of most 1911's on the market.

    I do think you get more for your money with a Nighthawk pistol, ie. the standard magwell, top of slide serrations, and rear of slide checkering on a Talon that does not come standard on a CQB. Add those options on a CQB and the CQB will cost you more.

    Both companies have outstanding customer service should you need it. I know Nighthawk pays shipping both ways for warranty work. I will assume Wilson does too.

    Wilson didn't gain their reputation over the last few years. They earned it many years ago and guess who was building their guns during that time period... the smiths at Nighthawk. Nighthawk has gained a steller reputation in the short few years it has been in business. The company is new, their pistolsmiths have been honing their skills over decades.

    If you can, try and handle both brands and see what feels best to you. Like I said before, both Wilson and Nighthawk turn out quality guns backed by quality service. You need to decide which company builds the model that most interests you and then pursue it
    NRA Certified Instructor and RSO - IDPA and PPC
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    29th May 2004
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    Can't go wrong with either of these two companies. Excellent products and great customer care from both.

    With that said, my .45 ACP is a Nighthawk Talon.
    John Caradimas SV1CEC
    The M1911 Pistols Organization

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    I've shot a limited amount through each, but I own neither brand. Most folks won't be able to tell the difference when punching holes at the range.

    I stopped by a local shop yesterday that carries both and gave several models from each maker a look to see if I was missing out on anything by not having one for myself and here are my (limited) impressions:

    I liked the slide to frame fit and the feel of the thumb safety on the Wilson - they just felt smoother than the Nighthawks that were on hand.

    The shop had one 10-8 model Nighthawk (S/N 009XX), and there was visible daylight under both the front and rear sights. I didn't like the feel of the MSH with the lanyard loop cutout - the cutout seemed to make the checkering feel more pronounced. It hurt just to grip it, I can only guess how your palm feels after a range session.

    Do your best to handle a few models from each maker, better yet try to find someone in your area that'll let you put a few rounds downrange through each!

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    9th October 2006
    Raleigh NC
    I have owned or own, Kimber, Springfield, Ed Brown, STI, and Nighthawk. I have a Nighthawk Talon and a have a Talon II on order. To me, the Nighthawk is the highest quality firearm I have ever held in my hand. The workmanship is outstanding. Craig at Nighthawk gives excellent customer service and I sent my Talon off to have a short trigger installed yesterday. They emailed me today to tell me they got the gun and they will work on it tomorrow or Friday. Craig even offered to give me their shipping rate from me to them. You can't beat that for customer service. I have never owned a Wilson but always wanted one. The guys here give excellent advice when they say handle both and fire them too if you can.


    If you do decide to go with Nighthawk, George from Gunslingers will treat you right. He's a great guy and honest.

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    4th February 2005
    3rd Rock from the Sun
    It's a close one.........if possible you need to get them in hand and see which may feel better to you.
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    2nd April 2007
    Baton Rouge La.
    Hi I am in the same boat Sir. Just Posted a new thread with the same question along with some more specific ones. Your post may help me and who knows maybe mine will help you so take a look at it who knows what debates it will generate but good luck in your endeavor.

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    I chose Nighthawk for their warranty reputation and serrated slide top. NHC was very willing to build exactly what I wanted. I ordered mine through George and pick it up today from my local dealer. =)

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