View Full Version : Burris Fastfire Sights for PT1911

27th December 2008, 09:41
Has anyone successfully mounted a Burris Fastfire Red Dot sight on a PT1911? I ordered the sight and the standard 1911 mounting kit, but the Heine sight mount is recessed below the slide top. There are other mounting kits available for the Burris sight (Novak, Bomar, Kimber), but I would be guessing as to the one that might work. Next option is to look for longer mounting screws and start shimming the mounting plate up to the level of the slide top.

27th December 2008, 12:19
Got any pics of what you are up against? We might get some ideas from seeing it.

The guys at Fusion are incredible at helping out as well, might give them a call / email. Even if you dont have a fusion ther are great guys from what I understand / read.

Enjoy you PT-1911! They are great firearms!! :)

28th December 2008, 11:09
The sight cuts on the Taurus are proprietary. They don't match up with any of the "standards" (Bomar, Novak, etc.).

You may have to have something made, or modify the Taurus slide.

Pictures or links?

28th December 2008, 12:47
Thanks Ross6860, that is what I feared. I have the Burris standard 1911 mount and may try to make the sight block by hand. I think I can make one, then drill and tap it for the 6-48 screws that came with the kit. If I am successful I will post the process and finished piece on line.