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9th June 2008, 19:58
I ordered the two piece guide rod assembly. Took care of two issues with my Special Forces that I wanted to take care of. One is the recoil spring plug is genIII and I wanted stainless to match the barrel bushing. Second is I read the longer rod helped tune the firearm a little more. Is that true?


9th June 2008, 21:03
There is no real benefit to a full length guide rod. It can create an annoying problem at the range in that it might unscrew a bit when you are shooting; be sure to have a tool with you to tighten it back up.

9th June 2008, 21:26
I don't use one my carry guns.

9th June 2008, 21:48
I think it is more preference when it comes to guide rods vs. standard plugs setups. I found my Springfield was a bit of a pain to field strip because of the factory guide rod setup. Add to that, I experienced what hatchettg mention where the guide rod would loosen up every once in a while. Decided to replace the assembly with an Ed Brown stainless plug and Ed Brown Recoil Spring Guide. I actually shoot better and tighter groups with this new setup.

Needless to say, the quality of Ed Brown parts has lead me to place an order for an Ed Brown Special Forces. If you don't like the Gen III black plug, I suggest replacing it with Brown's stainless plug.

Or take it up a notch and see if you can get Brown's stainless plug in Gen III. I know Brown makes Special Forces in Stainless (he's got two light rail models listed as available on his own site). Both are listed as stainless slide on stainless frames with Gen III finish. I could be wrong, but he may have a clear or stainless colored Gen III finish and it might be possible to coat one of the plugs he has forsale on his site.

I only suggest the above because on my ordered Special Forces, I decided to add Brown's Maxiwell to the pistol. Now, the only Maxiwell he has available on his site with the matching chain link MSH is available only in a blue finish. But since this is a newly order gun, Brown said he could install the maxiwell and match coat it in Gen III. Talk about good customer service in getting a guy what he wants. Give it a go bro, doesn't hurt to ask.

AZ Husker
9th June 2008, 22:34
I prefer the GI plug/guide rod setup also. If I had to go with a full-length, I'd use a one-piece to prevent unscrewing.

10th June 2008, 20:29
I sent an email to Ed Brown's guns today. I asked about the concerns listed in the replies above. I also asked if the two piece rod can be blue loctite'd and removed as a single piece. No answer yet.


10th June 2008, 21:28
From Ed Brown's website under FAQ's:

Do guide rods increase accuracy? Do any of your handguns come with a guide rod?

Our Classic Custom pistols are furnished with two-piece guide rods. They smooth out the cycling slightly, add a bit of weight to the muzzle, and may increase the life of the recoil spring. They do not enhance the accuracy or reliability of the gun, therefore we do not include one with the Executive series or Kobra series. If you would like to have a guide rod, they are a simple part to install as they drop right in. The two piece design is recommended, because it is so easy to disassemble and reassemble.

Some people hate full-length guide rods because they are perceived to be frivolous, and worse yet, a gimmick that fools people into believing they actually enhance functioning and accuracy. However, many modifications to the 1911 are a bit frivolous. If you like the look of a full length guide rod, go for it. It is not that big of a deal; be sure you tighten it really tight after you reassembly your pistol.

I don't like guide rods because they complicate takedown and, as I mentioned earlier, two-piece guide rods may work loose under the vibrations of shooting.

10th June 2008, 23:05
Is there a picture of a 2 piece guide rod anywhere? Might clear up some of my confusion....

11th June 2008, 10:26

The Ed Brown site won't load for me right now, but here is a Springfield Armory 2 piece guide rod. 2 Piece Guide Rod (http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/showproduct?saleitemid=102020)

Enlarge the picture and you'll see the spot where the two pieces screw together.

13th June 2008, 10:48
I received the guide rod yesterday. My first experience with a two piece. It is in the firearm. I will shoot this weekend and report any thoughts. One small note. The inside of the slide rod button is machined with small rings. It is not smooth. In manipulating the button up and down the rod you can feel the sliding up and down more than I thought I would end up with. So I lubed it up with a synthetic gun grease. Helped quite a lot. I think the key will be shooting it.


16th June 2008, 20:48
Well I shot the gun better. Probably not because of the guide rod but I was in the groove so to speak. Hammering 21 yards 2.5 inch groups offhand and firing fairly quickly. And the rod did loosen up 1/3 turn. So I cleaned everything up and installed it back in the firearm with a small amount of blue loctite. I have been trying different 1911's for almost 2 years. Gone through 6 of them. Kept 5. Now the Ed Brown has really proven itself the one I was looking for. I am getting rid of a few of the others and looking for a SP Bob commander. I can't tell you how happy I am with shooting this firearm.


17th June 2008, 10:45
Who knows, maybe the FLGR makes you think you shoot better so you really do shoot better. :)

+1 on the SF Bobtail Commander. I get mine in 13 days, but who's counting?

17th June 2008, 17:09
Threw the FLGR on my sig. Seemed to make the gun run smoother, and I shoot better with it. Plus I've had zero failures since installing it (might be because i changed ammo though).

17th June 2008, 17:36
I use a two-peice FLGR on my RIA I used to use a one peice, but converted to a bull barrel, and you have to use a two peice. you assemble the gun with the inner part of the guide rod & recoil spring, then thread in the outer part, torque it down, and it won't loosen up.

20th June 2008, 12:38
I use a two-peice FLGR on my RIA I used to use a one peice, but converted to a bull barrel, and you have to use a two peice. you assemble the gun with the inner part of the guide rod & recoil spring, then thread in the outer part, torque it down, and it won't loosen up.

That is how this one works. Shot yesterday and that little dab of blue loctite kept it tight. this is 8 yards offhand 5 shot group.

5 shots at 8 yds offhand (http://picasaweb.google.com/tom.harsh1/Guns/photo?authkey=zHRMwEKobJE#5214019029333084434)

22nd June 2008, 04:37
I had a two piece guide rod in a 1911 from another manufacturer. It would start to unscrew itself after a long range session, even after multiple applications or RED thread locker. No thanks - too dangerous...

6th July 2008, 13:07
I ordered two two-piece full length guide rods (Commander size) from Ed Brown
The flanges on both are too big for me to use them in any of my guns....even the Ed Brown.
I called Ed Brown and they said they would have to be "fit", and that it was normal. Huh?
New one on me.....into the useless junk box they go...........and thanks again Ed.

6th July 2008, 17:07

Mine dropped in. I actually put it in a few kimbers and it was OK too. What difficulties are you having?


6th July 2008, 17:14

Mine dropped in. I actually put it in a few kimbers and it was OK too. What difficulties are you having?


As I said, the flanges are anywhere from 1/8" to 1/16" wider then the ones on a standard GI guide rod....they won't even drop in on an Ed Brown gun.
Keep in mind, these are Commander size.....they also told me that the Government sized rods just drop in.
Figure that one out.

7th July 2008, 21:41
That is a real shocker. I guess I never thought of the Commander as having different tolerances and only thought the frame length and grip length was the difference. How much meat do you think you would have to remove. Can you compare the guide rod flange that it came with to the ones you purchased. Maybe use a micrometer? The steel couldn't be all that tough I think it is stainless.


7th July 2008, 21:55
When I was doing my build up, I looked for a reverse plug that didn't have a hole in the end of it for a FLGR, I like the MEU SOC pistol that Unertl offers w/ bull barrel, short guide rod, and reverse plug w/o a hole in the end, does anyone know any thing about it?