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19th May 2005, 01:18
A friend of mine just purchased a 1911A1 from the serial number and markings the lower is Remington Rand #1474863, the slide is Colt.
We haven't taken it a part to check the rest of it.
Does it have value as it is ,or just a really nice shooter ?
Any information on the gun would be very much apprecated.

Thank You,

19th May 2005, 11:33
Mismatched usually means nice shooter, but I would not alter a mismatch these days as collector interest is growing even for mismatched pistols, especially when they were mismatched during an arsenal rebuild.

19th May 2005, 15:25
If it is an Arsenal Rebuild it will have the Arsenal stamp on the frame. Arsenal rebuilds are more valuable than a weapon that is simply "mismatched". Mismatched weapons are very common, and could be the result of a field replacement, reassembly after a bulk cleaning, a Unit level repair, or someone just building a weapon from parts. Most "mixmasters" that are not Arsenal Rebuilds are considered shooter's grade weapons, and generally sell for $450 - $750. Check the wear patterns on the mating surfaces, and finish can tell you alot. If she is all USGI, and your happy with the old girl, I'd leave her be.

19th May 2005, 18:42
Where and what would Arsenal marks be ?

19th May 2005, 19:01
From about the mid 1920s to the mid 1950s thousands of 1911s and 1911A1s where refurbished at U.S. Arsenals and Service depots. And again in the mid 70's (AN or ANAD). These rebuilds could be anything from minor inspections to major overhauls. Pistols that were rebuilt (refurbished) at Government Arsenals will usually be marked on the frame/receiver with the arsenals initials. Most commonly on the right side of the frame. Here are some of the Arsenal overhaul and inspection stamps:
AA = Augusta Arsenal
AN or ANAD = Anniston Army Depot (Anniston, Alabama) observed with a date stamp after it (MM YY) in 1975 and 1977.
BA = Benecia Arsenal
LEAD = Letterkenny
MR = Mt Rainer Ordnance Depot
OG = Ogden Arsenal
RA = Raritan Arsenal
RIA = Rock Island Arsenal
RRA = Red River Arsenal
SA = Springfield Arsenal
SAA = San Antonio Arsenal
RIA Rebuilds will also have these inspector stamps:
EB: Elmer Bjerke (January 6th, 1947 until 1958). All small arms inspected under his supervision bear the markings "RIA" for Rock Island Arsenal and "EB" for Elmer Bjerke.
FK: Frank Krack (September 17, 1941 until he retired on July 19th, 1946). During that period all small arms inspected under his supervision would be stamped with his initials "FK" as well as those of the Rock Island Arsenal "RIA".
Hope that helps answer your question. :)

20th May 2005, 19:19
Thank you very much for the replies. any way to ge any history on the pistol ?

20th May 2005, 19:29
You might try the serial number through the Springfield Research Service. The website is www.armscollectors.com , then click on the SRS link. It maybe able to provide you with some info.

20th June 2005, 20:25
What would be the correct barrel for a Colt 1911a1 sn 11736xx cir 1944. It has a HS barrel now and I have been told it is not correct. Any idea's on finding the correct barrel?

21st June 2005, 15:06
What would be the correct barrel for a Colt 1911a1 sn 11736xx cir 1944. It has a HS barrel now and I have been told it is not correct. Any idea's on finding the correct barrel?

For serial # 710,001 to the end of production in 1945, a Colt barrel will have "COLT 45 AUTO" stamped just above the left barrel lug on the barrel, and a "P" stamp in the top right of the left barrel lug. In addition an F or 7 may be stamped forward the lugs on the bottom :)

21st June 2005, 16:04
Any tips on finding a colt barrel?

21st June 2005, 19:07
You can try your local gun shows, place a want ad in a correct forum, or try Ebay, Gunbroker, Auction Arms, etc. I have gotten Colt and other USGI barrels and parts from Bill Ricca (www.billricca.com), Hoosier Gun Works (www.hoosiergunworks.com), and Sarco in the past. They are not always available but might be worth a shot.

21st June 2005, 20:06
Thank You Very Much...