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Big Sky Rancher
23rd April 2005, 16:24
If you're looking for some distinctive looking wooden grips for a special 1911 check out Esmeralda. http://www.esmeralda.cc/about_esmeralda.htm

Her grips aren't inexpensive, but they are definitely a cut above in terms of quality craftsmanship and premium wood. Another thing that is exceptional about the buying experience with Esmeralda is that she has a large selection available to choose from and you can select the exact grips that you want based upon excellent photographs of each pair she has for sale.

Baer TRS with Esmeralda grips and Benchmade/Blackwood Skirmish.



Note the lighting difference between the first and second photo. Both were taken on a cloudy day, inside the house on the floor under the light of a window. The first shot though I put up a white sheet over the window and in the second shot I did not. Amateur technique to be certain, but I think the results came out a little better none the less.

23rd April 2005, 18:33
Esmeralda's "cocobolo dorado" panels arrived today and it took all of five minutes to mount them on the Olympic Arms "Westerner" shown. Yeah baby, I may be a geek but I've got a kewl gun! :cool:

24th April 2005, 09:07

Do my eyes deceive me, or is that piece color casehardened? I've never seen a 1911 with that finish before. I guess I've led a sheltered life. It's gorgeous!!

Big Sky Rancher
24th April 2005, 13:17


24th April 2005, 13:31
Do my eyes deceive me, or is that piece color casehardened? ... It's gorgeous!!
Thanks Icepick, and your eyes ain't lyin'-- except for the trigger, sights and the wood, it's 100% color casehardened. When I saw that thing lying on the table at the gun show, my eyes bugged out! :p I couldn't believe it hadn't sold, and I grabbed it immediately.

(She shoots as good as it looks, too!)

24th April 2005, 15:34
Indeed very unique! Congrats my dear Sir.


Big Sky Rancher
24th April 2005, 19:52
Gotta agree with you guys, that gun is extraordinary, Triumph.

25th April 2005, 11:07
Them grips look almost as good as Esmeralda

25th April 2005, 14:08


Sure are!

Big Sky Rancher
25th April 2005, 17:38
I talked with her on the phone for awhile and she is a very pleasant person to interact with. Furthermore I was pleased to be able to make such a quality purchase from someone who supports this forum as a banner sponsor.

Let's see I've now bought from Alumagrips, Milt Sparks Holsters and Esmeralda. Still have a few to go. :)

25th April 2005, 23:47
I do not know if this is some strange coincidense, but you will notice that each and every one of our Sponsors fall in this category, "pleasant, honnest persons". I am always amazed at how great it is to interact with them.

And this is not a compliment, it is the pure thruth.


28th April 2005, 07:48
Add WoodGrips.com to that list. I ordered a pair of grips last week. The lady called me that afternoon to tell me the color I wanted didn't quite match what I wanted. Would I still be interested? Try and expect that from some mass order catalog. I thought that was first class service.

24th July 2005, 13:08
Call Esmeralda and tell her your problem, I am sure she will take care of it.


Big Sky Rancher
24th July 2005, 15:55
Definitely call her and give her a chance to make it right. I only have two pair which is a small sample, however each pair fits perfectly.

24th July 2005, 22:08
One thing to consider is that they are made from real wood, and it is summer, and at least in my neck of the woods it is extremely humid. I can't know, of course, but I suspect it's quite possible that between the time she made them and the time you installed them, they warped.

If that's the case, you can't really blame her. I have seen custom-built wood doors that cost over $3,000 each show up on a construction site and be unusable because they warped. Nobody likes it, but natural wood simply is not 100% dimensionally stable.

24th July 2005, 23:45
I would give Esmeralda the chance to stand behind her products. I know she was away for some time, in Costa Rica (or somewhere). This is something she does often, looking for new woods for her grips, maybe the grip was send out by an employee, who didn't tensioned the belt sander properly or whatever. Do not condemn a company just because a sample of their products was not good.

My 3 Eurocents only.

25th July 2005, 07:02
Easy does it friend, I never said that you shouldn't have presented your problem here. And of course every body can see the problem. What I said is that you should give Esmeralda a chance to rectify the issue at hand.

You have every right to be frustrated, and this is understandable, but if Esmeralda does not know about your problem, she obviously can't do much about it.

If you have access to a belt-sander, do grind them yourself, if that's what you want, but then you'd better coat them again with something, because the bare wood is more susceptible to wrappage.


25th July 2005, 10:43
I'll second John, even though I've experienced disappointment similar to your own, Mac, with a vendor who has a sterling reputation at this forum, but who fell down on the job in my opinion. Esmeralda's a human being. She can make mistakes. Looks like she made one with those particular grips and you were the unfortunate victim. In my case, the vendor was Dillon: probably by far, the most admired reloading equipment manufacturer. But in my case, I found little to admire and sent the equipment back. It was probably a one-in-a-million problem, but I didn't receive the satisfaction that this forum, among others, led me to expect; Dillon are humans too but so am I, and now when I get the "Blue Press" I just throw it into the recycling bin.

Don't be like me, that's my job. Send them back to Esmeralda; I have a pair of her grips on one of my pistols and they're absolutely top-notch. If you touch yours with a belt sander, you'll only make them worse (unless you're better with a wood eater than I am :rolleyes: ).

25th July 2005, 18:11
This is the first time I have posted here. Mac, the grips you have received are warped, definately from a moisture issue. Sometimes, with exotic tropical hardwoods, warping can occur. It maybe related to the very high temp's & humidity currently occuring in much of the USA, here in the Mojave Desert it is low humidity, where you are is much higher. I am not suggesting that is the reason, just a possibility, they may have left my workshop like that, which would have been an oversight. I think most that have bought from me know that I stand behind my products, so regardless of the reason I will replace those grips to you.
I have not received any phone call or email from Mac, just one of my customers informed me of the post at this forum. So Mac, if you wish to call me at 760-949-1645 or email me at esmeralda@esmeralda.cc I will be glad to help you out with this issue.

I do not recomend that you sand down the underside of the grips, doing so will make them thinner and therefore change the grip feel which may not be comfortable or secure for your size hands. I would prefer that you contact me and I can get another set of grips to you in 2 days, which is fairly fast.

Esmeralda O'Sheehan

Joni Lynn
27th July 2005, 20:16
I got my grip panels from Wood Grips because I could get a set that were flat bottom and had the pin covered so as to fit a S&A magwell. They hand picked a set and I think I had about $50 in the whole thing. (+ a buck or so for shipping) I recently got a set from Craig Spegel and they are beautiful!!!

27th July 2005, 20:37
I agree. The grips are kinda pricey. And they do look warped.
Esmeralda took the time to join the forum and post a reply to TheMac5150 just so she could offer to make good on his problem. That just kinda says something to me.
Mac---Give her a shot to make it right. Or....let her send the free grips to me. (Randall Service Model...medium brown would look nice.) :D

Top Gun Supply
27th July 2005, 21:18
I have seen this a few times before with other grips, including some that I have made. Wood is a natural product with a moisture content. When the moisture content changes, the wood can and does move. I am sure those grips were not warped when Esmeralda finished them. They warped after time. Give her the chance to make it right.

5th August 2005, 06:15
Just installed my Esmeralda cocobolo grips on an old Vaquero Bisley, and they look spectacular. Transformed the piece. If any of you had wondered whether the grips were transferable as between the Ruger Bisley and the old Vaquero Bisley, they are, same part number in the Ruger parts manual.

5th August 2005, 06:26
Just installed my Esmeralda cocobolo grips on an old Vaquero Bisley, and they look spectacular. Transformed the piece. If any of you had wondered whether the grips were transferable as between the Ruger Bisley and the old Vaquero Bisley, they are, same part number in the Ruger parts manual.
As you know, :wl: