View Full Version : The JTM Company ? (parts & 1911 grips)

17th April 2005, 09:11
I bought a set of grips at a gunshow.
Dealer had a ton of them , all styles - walnut ,rosewood,cocobolo-
govt , officers - thin grips. - priced from $18 - $30

Also selling LOTS of internal parts (hammers triggers etc.)
Nice thing was he had Parkerized parts too. ( I have a GI SA )

Anybody heard of this company?

Sorry for lousy pic - the grips are very nice!


29th May 2005, 21:39
Heh...I bought a nice trigger by JTM at a show...Like it so much, I want a couple more...

I didn't get the flyer the dealer was handing out...I regret that now...I have no idea who it was...

29th May 2005, 23:21
JTM is the John Masen company out of (I believe) Texas.
They build a lot of cast parts along with good mags( they supplied Ruger with all the initial Mimi-14 mags)

31st May 2005, 15:43
Thank You!

Here's the link - http://www.johnmasen.com/

I couldn't find the trigger I had bought; emailed Claudia and got a response, but the part # Claudia quoted wasn't on the site. Another show in September, I suppose I can wait that long...

BTW: They only sell individual parts, no "kits"...