View Full Version : Randall .45 Front Sight

22nd February 2005, 10:28
Does anyone know who the manufacturer was of the front sight on my Randall. 45 auto, model A131? It's damaged (a previous owner cut a groove in the face of the ramp) and I need an original replacement. The rear sight is a factory-installed Millett Target adjustable, but the front isn't a Millett or at least doesn't appear to be, since they have nothing that matches its configuration. It's a serrated (fine serrations) blade, single tenon, without a slab base. None of the aftermarket front sights are correct as are none of the original equipment sights on Colt, Springfield, Detonics or other pistols. Who made this sight and are there any available? I'm trying to restore this otherwise mint Randall and this is the last piece I need. Can ANYONE help? THANKS!!!