View Full Version : National Match ?

24th November 2004, 20:16
I have a National Match with the serial number of 007xx, is there any info anyone can provide on it for me? Things I am interested in is establishing a date of manufacture and possible value at 95%.
Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Johnny Peppers
24th November 2004, 23:17
Who is the maker and does it have letters in front of the serial number, or is 007XX the entire serial number?

25th November 2004, 02:15
Maker is Colt, and serial is 007xx nm

Johnny Peppers
25th November 2004, 08:45
Colt used a NM suffix on their Gold Cup National Match brought out in 1957 but I was not aware that they used 0's in front of the serial number. Could you post a picture. Serial number 7XX-NM would have been made in 1957 and in 95% condition would be worth somewhere around $1000.