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26th April 2006, 00:13
I have a TRP full size and I would love to get a TRP in a champion size gun. Does anyone have one? I would love to hear about it and see a pic!

26th April 2006, 10:49
i dont think they make a TRP in champion size.

26th April 2006, 11:45
I've not heard of or seen one, either. I'm pretty sure that all three flavors of the TRP product line are full-size, 5-inch models only.

Now, that's not to say that you couldn't buy a G.I. Champion and send it to Springfield to have the TRP "Package" applied by their Custom Shop. Per their pricing guide:

1911-A1 Tactical Response Package: **$895.00
Change your standard 1911-A1 pistol into a Springfield Tactical Response model.
Install TRP barrel & bushing (bull barrel system in pistols shorter or longer than 5”), skeletonized delta hammer, low mount Novak rear sight & dovetail front sight with 3 dot
tritium inserts (dovetail front sight & tritium inserts not available on ported 1911-A1 V10 models), extended ambidextrous thumb safety, custom fitted beavertail grip safety,
adjustable lightweight aluminum match trigger, full length guide rod w/heavy duty recoil spring & buffer system (buffer system not available in pistols shorter than 5”), flat
checkered mainspring housing; tune & polish extractor; deburr pistol internally; carry bevel sharp edges of pistol; machine checker front strap 20LPI (+); check headspace; polish
feed ramp & throat barrel; combat action job w/smoothly tuned 4.5-5.5# trigger pull; Recontour frame and dust cover to 2002 specs; front cocking serrations; Armory Kote
finish, satin finish, stainless steel, or carbon models. Additional charge of $75 to add Springfield Inc. 2 piece mag well, matched to bevel on frame of pistol.
**Upgrade your 2000 or newer Springfield “Loaded” model to TRP specifications for $695.
Additional charge of $75 to add Springfield Inc. 2 piece mag well, matched to bevel on frame.

26th April 2006, 12:32
Springfield makes "Custom Carry" model that has 4'' barrel and MSRP of $1,499 which is probably pretty close to TRP.

26th April 2006, 13:24
My next gun purchase is going to be a commander/champion size gun. Since I love my TRP so much, I want something that I can close my eyes, pick up, and can't tell the difference between it and my full size TRP. The only thing that comes close is Kimber's tactical pro II. I went over to the Kimber forum and didn't read many good reviews on that particular gun. I know that you can send a champion size gun to the Springfield Custom shop and they will put the TRP package on a non loaded gun for $895, a 2000 or later loaded model for $695. I would love to see or hear from someone who has had this done.

26th April 2006, 14:01
They make a Loaded Champion, just not one in a TRP configuration.

26th April 2006, 14:57
For the difference in price, it might be cheaper to buy a G.I. Champion and have the TRP package done than to start with a "Loaded" model. It all comes down to how much you can get either gun for and factor in the cost of the TRP package.

27th April 2006, 20:00
From the Blue Book of Gun Values:

TRP Champion - .45 ACP cal., 4 in. barrel, otherwise similar to the TRP Tactical Response. Mfg. 1999-2001.

100% $1,045

27th April 2006, 20:22
I've got a micro GI that I sent about five weeks ago for the TRP package. Got Heinie Straight eights instead of Novaks though.

28th April 2006, 09:11
divkat9, make sure you post a picture of it when you get it back!

28th April 2006, 10:58
Will do, shouldn't be much longer now. They ( Deb at Springfield) were hesitant to do the package on the micro. But I explain that after I checked off all the things I wanted done I'd be over the cost of the TRP package. I'm looking forward to seeing how they end up doing a couple of things since it's a micro and not a fullsize. Incidently, I had no problems with this pistol before I sent it off but I knew when I bought it that I would end up sending it somewhere.

12th July 2006, 13:19
I saw a pic of a holster and mag case that you had, brown leather w/ paddles. Who makes that set? I am in serious need of upgrading my gunleather. Thanks!

12th July 2006, 13:42
That holster is Galco FED paddle holster and the mag carrier is a Galco mag paddle. Galco has them listed on their web site for $59.95 for the mag carrier and $108 for the holster. I didn't pay nearly that much. I forgot exactly where I ordered them from, but I did a google search on them and got both of them for less than $100.

12th July 2006, 21:59
I might have posted this elsewhere but here it is-

I like it. :D