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6th November 2004, 20:57
LAR Grizzly .44 Magnum Magazine - I saw this for sale on Ebay. Does anyone know if the LAR Grizzly 1911 pistol actually came in .44 Magnum, or was it just a conversion kit that LAR sold. I know they made it in .45 WinMag and .50AE but I don't remember a .44 Mag version. I know there were copnversion kits for .45ACP and 10mm but I don't recall one for .44 Magnum. If it's out there, I want to try to find the conversion kit (with barrel, ejector, spring, mag, etc.).

LAR Grizzly Magazine Clip .44 Magnum - Hard to find Caliber !


Original factory LAR Grizzly Magazine, New in the factory box, Never used, for the .44 Magnum Models, found in the back of my safe! (It's a big safe). Says Mark V on the box, but it will work in any of the LAR Grizzlies chambered in .44 Magnum. EXCELLENT CONDITION! I had this for years but never used it - I sold my LAR Grizzly in .44 Magnum a year ago, and found this in the back of my safe. I bought it new with my LAR Grizzly back in the early 1990's and simply never used it. It is absolutely new and was never used. The magazine pictured here IS THE ACTUAL MAGAZINE FOR SALE and you will get the one pictured in this auction. These are hard to find; you often see the .45 WinMag magazines for sale, but you almost NEVER see the .44 Magnum mags for sale.

7th November 2004, 09:15
That pistol is not a 1911 for sure.


7th November 2004, 17:10
The LAR Grizzly pistol is wholly based on the 1911 design, just in such a way that most everything was oversized. You can open up a Colt 1911 or 1991, lay out the parts along side all of the parts for the LAR Grizzly, and they are exactly alike in design. It has the same Browning action, 1911 style ejector, chamber set-up, barrel lug, slide, trigger, recoil springs, slide release/safety levers, and magazine set-up as any 1911. The frame and slide among certain other parts were merely oversized to match the larger round. However, many of the accepted 1911 parts still fit the gun as they would any other 1911. Just because it was designed to handle larger ammunition does NOT mean it is not a 1911 design. I assumed of all people, running a 1911 topic wesbite would have exposed you to the design by now, but maybe being in Greece you never actually saw one in person? It was a rather common gun here in America in the 1980's through the 1990's.

Don't be confused by the name either: LAR Grizzly is still in business, but of course they now no longer make their 1911 pistol, and they have been dedicated to making their .50BMG rifle the past 10 years. Now when you say LAR Grizzly to most people, they think of the .50BMG rifle. Both go by the same name and that does NOT mean they never made a 1911 pistol called the "LAR grizzly".

Photo examples and parts blow-up diagrams of the gun appear in the links below of a 1911 LAR Grizzly:




It's as much a 1911 as any customized 1911 from Les Baer or Wilson, and more like a 1911 than the new guns from ParaOrdnance.

7th November 2004, 18:10
RustedAMC, I stand corrected, this is not the gun I had in mind when answering, so apologies are in order.

Admitedly, I 've never seen one of those from up close, and I still am not sure how many of the parts interchange, but if you say so, I would take your word.