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Armed Citizen
9th June 2012, 12:15
Just wondering how the new Wilson high polish blue stands up to everyday use. I am debating over high-polish blue v the armor tuff. I like the looks of the high polish blue, but if I carry the pistol frequently, maybe I should be more practical and get the armor tuff finish.

I don't do any shooting that involves drawing from the holster. So I don't expect there to be a lot of wear from drawing and holstering. So maybe I will be OK with high polish blue. The high polish blue is so classic and fine looking, but I thought I should get some feedback from anyone who has experience with it. I'm talking about the newer finished, not the blue they used on the earlier models.


13th June 2012, 23:33
the high polish blue is beautiful. I draw a lot so it wouldn't be good for me as a user. The armor tuff is nice and will hold up better. Either way I would get a holster that is lined with a soft material if you are going to carry the gun at all and you don't want it to get all scratched up. I kind like the process of NORMAL wear on my guns (although if I had a high polish blue finish on one,I'd probably want to keep it looking pretty) - something about it makes the gun sweeter with time- like a pair of high quality leather boots after they are broken in-but that's just me.s The new Bead Blasted Stainless Steel finish is something else you might consider. It has a matte non reflective finish and it is probably the toughest finish that they offer. Good luck and let us know what you pick.

27th July 2012, 03:10
Why is the polish blue an option if this is going to be an EDC? Armor tuff is the better choice between the two. It provides superior rust/corrosion resistance.

SIDE NOTE: You say everyday carry, but you don't do any shooting that involves drawing from a holster? How do you carry? What are you going to do if you have to use your pistol in self defense... draw from a holster. So it doesn't sound like you practice draws. I would start practicing, because the next time you do it may be to save your life.

29th July 2012, 00:20
I prefer the barron blue, just looks sooo gorgeous. I dont mind having a lil honest holster wear on my pistols tho. In the end its up to the user, but ya cant go wrong with a Wilson, no matter the finnish. Mike

29th July 2012, 09:57
I don't have any experience with the hi-polish blue but Armor Tuff is the greatest IMO. I just had a S-70 Govt. Model that I bought new (and have upgraded) Armor Tuff'd (matte black) and it is gorgeous IMO. I DO do a lot of draw and fire (IPDA) so my 1911's get lots of holster time. I'd post a picture of the S-70 but the slide had to go back for a ding made during shipping - my pics aren't THAT good anyway.

7th August 2012, 22:29
An EDC should be practiced with over and over, without worrying about the finish (other than rust). If I just wanted a pretty gun it wouldn't be my EDC.

It's all about priorities.